Small Wind

Green Element Energy is leader in providing innovative high performance small wind turbines, ranging from 500 Watts up to 100 KW. We understand every project is unique and that's why we have partnered with several manufacturers to match the best technology with your environments and needs. Whether you are looking to subsidize your energy consumption in the inner city or looking to set up an off grid system in a remote location we have the right solution for you.

We realize the characteristics of wind vary greatly and show few similarities to the ones faced by large horizontal axis wind turbines on wind farms. Because of the high cost of tall towers and local permitting requirements, small wind turbines are typically placed closer to the ground than the 30 story-height seen on wind farms. The winds found at these heights switch directions frequently and are generally of lower quality than those found on a wind farm - situations generally more suitable for vertical axis turbines.

For a small wind turbine to be effective, it must produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds. It must be able to generate energy from winds that are switching directions and gusting. It must also be very quiet, so that it will not disturb people living nearby, and it certainly helps if it is pleasing to the eye as well.  Green Element Energy represents the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines through its dedication to the above factors and has created a range of products to suit almost any need.

Contact us to find out if a small wind solution is appropriate for your home, business or property.